Easy to use


Easily cut panels to size with band saw, box cutter or razor. Make sure bristles are facing down!


PolyBrush panels can be secured with standard methods. We recommend using hook and loop tape for optimal performance.


Spot replace as needed without installing an entirely new panel.

Technical data

Panel size6“ (W) x 24“ (L) x 0.25“ (H) /
152,4 (B) x 609,6 (L) x 6,35 (H) mm
(trim length is similar to Brushlon 300 series height).
Minimize gaps between sheets and avoid installing in large "drop" zones.
Temperature guidance
The temperature of conveyed parts should fall within 16 - 55 °C.
Avoid prolonged contact with organic solvents and oil-based liquids.
We recommend only using water-based coolants.

Download: PB-Series Datasheet (PDF), PB-Series Instructions (PDF)

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